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Find Your Flow at YogaSix


Yoga is so much more than just striking a pose. Whether you’re a yoga pro or haven’t yet set foot on a mat, everyone can benefit from a bit of a stretch. Let’s dive into how yoga could be your game-changer.

Bendy and Built

First off, yoga is your go-to for flexibility and strength. Imagine easing into those stretches, feeling your muscles sing (okay, maybe more like hum at first), and saying goodbye to some of those body aches. And while being able to touch your toes is impressive, the real prize is the strength you build along the way, shielding you from things like arthritis and back pain.

Stand Tall and Find Your Balance

Yoga’s also got your back when it comes to standing tall and not wobbling over when the bus takes a sharp turn. It teaches you to be mindful of how you carry yourself, helping you strut with confidence and grace. And balance? It’s a big deal, especially as we rack up those birthdays, keeping us agile and independent.

Heart Health and Taking a Deep Breath

Let’s not forget our hearts and our breath. Yoga’s like a love letter to your cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, boosting circulation, and letting your lungs bloom to their full capacity. Deep, mindful breathing is about oxygenating every nook and cranny of your body.

Stress, Be Gone!

If stress had a nemesis, it’d be yoga. Those meditative practices, breathing exercises, and gentle flows are like hitting the reset button on your stress levels, making you feel lighter and calmer.

Sharp and Present

And then there’s the magic it does for your mind—hello, focus, goodbye, clutter! It’s all about being here, in this very moment, fully engaged and soaking up the now. That sense of mindfulness spills over, making you feel more connected and in tune with your emotions, painting life in brighter hues.

A Heart Healthy Community – Simone Apartments and YogaSix

Simone Apartments features an exclusive partnership with YogaSix right here in Little Italy. YogaSix is ready to welcome you with classes that meet you wherever you are in your practice and, yes, exclusive discounts just for being a Simone resident.

YogaSix offers 6 different class types from hot and powerful to slow and mindful. They teach in a way that is easy for everyone to follow and understand. Plus, their friendly expert staff will help you find the right class to help you achieve your goals.

So, whether you’re looking to dive deeper into your yoga practice or are just curious to explore, Simone Apartments and YogaSix partner to offer you a blend of luxury, wellness, and a sense of belonging. Because really, yoga is an invitation to a lifestyle, a community, and a way to find your flow in the chaos of life.

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